Three Spectacular GTA New Homes Communities

Toronto home builder Oxford Homes has been building stunning custom homes throughout beneficial . Toronto area for over years. Today, this custom home builder continues its tradition of timeless design and quality GTA homes built to last. Three developments from Oxford Homes worthy of mention include Adena Ridge Caledon East, Coventry Valley, and Mount Albert homes in Mount Albert Village. Adena Ridge Caledon East features open concept homes featuring custom kitchens, three-car garages, and hardwood staircases. Models inside Adena Ridge community feature equestrian names such as the Kentucky Derby.

Conveniently located in Caledon, these homes are spacious retreats with amenities with regard to schools and shopping . If you’re looking for GTA homes with large lots and spacious designs, you have to have to check out the remainder homes in this gorgeous community. Not too far away, you’ll find Oxford Homes’ collection of Newmarket homes check out this website in the Coventry Valley development. Each in the models available (Condor, Eagle, Chickadee, Morning Dove, Falcon, and Loon) have been named after birds. An individual tour this development, you’ll soon see why. Discovered on a private court, 1 of these luxurious Newmarket homes is surrounded by the environment.

Some even include walkout basements. All include the luxurious features this Toronto home builder is revealed. If you buy before property builder has erected the home, you can also specify the upgrades you want along with the styles. The home builder’s Mount Albert homes feature botanical names such as the Hemlock, White Birch, Willow, Autumn Cherry, Cedar, and Holly. The model names instantly produce a picture of your cravings can be community of GTA homes is all about: country living. Open spaces, spacious home designs, and small town appeal are complemented by luxurious interiors, custom accents, and nearby amenities.

These luxurious GTA new homes are more affordable than you may expect and include standard features such as high ceilings, solid oak staircases, brick or stone exteriors, upgraded baseboards, and extended maple cabinets. or on Facebook at